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Our Mission

Get Trained

Our campus clubs work with some of the brightest minds in the political business, from campaign managers to cabinet ministers.

Win Elections

Our campus club volunteers are active in their local ridings and receive training that teaches them how to work on campaigns, and succeed in professional environments.

Stand Out

Working with a campus club will give you the skills and experience you need succeed in any future career.


Be a Leader

The Conservative Internship Program is a unique opportunity to learn about politics, develop your skills as a leader, Conservative campaigner, and help to build the Conservative Party of Canada.

Learn from the Best

Interns from across Canada spend the summer in Ottawa working in a political office, participating in political training, and hearing from some of the sharpest political minds in the country.

Start a Career

Many of our internship alumni have gone on to serve in senior roles within government and in the private sector.

Join the Conservative Party

No Sandbox

Young people are an important part of the Conservative team. Unlike other parties, young Conservatives won't be condemned to the sandbox — you'll have real opportunities to get involved, build the party, and make a difference.


Members play an important role in our Party. They help select our candidates, set our policy, and keep our Party strong. More than any other Party, we depend on our grassroots to set our direction and decide the future of our country.

Exclusive Benefits

Internship applicants must be members of the Conservative Party of Canada. Joining the Party will allow you to choose your local candidate, give you exclusive access to events in your area, and to our national convention every two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Whom do interns work for? Interns are directly employed by an MP’s office, Senate office, Opposition Leaders Office, Conservative Research Group (CRG) or Conservative Party HQ. The intern program is separate and distinct from the regular employment with the hiring political office.

  2. Is this a paid internship? Yes - This is a paid internship.

  3. What does a typical summer entail for a summer intern? Interns are hired in a political office where they work 40 hours a week. After work and on weekends, interns will hear from high-profile guest speakers and participate in intensive political training. Interns will also work on a summer-long group project that puts their political skills to the test. The Conservative Internship Program is demanding. It is also one of the best opportunities available to Canadian students to gain valuable political, social, and employment skills while building a network of valuable contacts. Interns who work hard are recognized and rewarded. In fact, some of Ottawa’s most senior staff members are former Conservative Party interns.

  4. What backgrounds do interns typically have? The majority of interns are in university or college and have formal studies in political studies. However many interns have no formal political studies and come from a wide variety of backgrounds including Business, Engineering, Sciences, Communications, Arts, etc. It is an ideal environment to mix interns of diverse academic, social, regional, cultural, and religious beliefs. It is the ideal environment to promote and discuss Conservative values, beliefs, and activism.

  5. What makes an intern successful? The most successful applicants are willing to fully commit themselves and fully engage in all program speakers, training and development opportunities, volunteering activities (phone banking, canvassing, charity work, helping at events, etc.), and work to develop professional relationships with colleagues, interns, EDAs, and Conservative activists. It is essential to be willing to work hard and to participate in activities to hone political, business, and social skills.

  6. Are there any costs to participating in the internship program? A $100.00 programming fee (cheque only) is collected from each intern on the first day of the program. This fee covers administrative costs associated with your internship.

  7. Does the internship provide housing in Ottawa? No. When moving to Ottawa you will be required to find and pay for your own accommodation. However, there is affordable housing within walking distance of Parliament Hill and the downtown area, including sublets from university and college students, and from the various local residences. Many housing opportunities are posted online at the university off campus websites, Craigslist Ottawa, and Kijiji Ottawa. Average rents and rental info can be conveniently found at

  8. What do I need to be eligible to apply to the internship? If you are registered as a student in a recognized post-secondary institution and are currently a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, you are eligible to apply. It is a competitive process and applicants are encouraged to fully complete the application process and provide an updated copy of their résumé. You have a greater chance of being accepted into the intern program if you can demonstrate party involvement/activism. Many interns come into the program with volunteer experience from past federal/provincial/municipal election campaigns, volunteering for their local EDA, MP and/or CPC HQ.

  9. How do I purchase a Conservative Party of Canada membership? Go to and click on “Join".

  10. How can I check to see if my membership has lapsed? Call the Membership Services department at 1-866-808-8407.

  11. I do not know my Conservative Party of Canada membership number. What should I write on the application form? Please call Membership Services at 1-866-808-8407 to ask for your membership number.

  12. If I am graduating from university or college in April 2020 am I still eligible to apply? Yes.

  13. If I am graduating from high school in spring 2020 and have been accepted into a post-secondary institution for fall 2020, am I eligible to apply? Unfortunately no, it is required that all interns be in Ottawa and able to work full time starting the first week of May. Please apply next winter!

  14. When does the program run? The program runs for 4 months, from Monday, May 4th, 2020 until Friday, August 28th, 2020. Please note CPC Intern Orientation day is Friday, May 1st, 2020. Your actual employment typically starts the following Monday. Should you be accepted into the program it is recommended that you contact your office directly for specifics on their expectations, start/finish dates, hours of work, and job duties.

  15. Am I required to attend all intern training/events? Attendance for official events is mandatory. Training and speakers are arranged only once and there are no opportunities to make-up missed training or events. Should there be a conflict with work obligations or serious personal circumstances please contact Matt Antoitti at Please note that absences from training/events without reasonable explanation may result from your removal from the program. It is a privilege and not a right to participate in the 2020 CPC Summer Intern Program.

  16. What is the application process for the internship? The application process includes completing the application form (found on the Campus Conservative website) writing three short answer questions, (as outlined on the application form) and including a CV and cover letter. At least one political reference is recommended. This person could be a Conservative Member of Parliament, Senator, Candidate, National Councillor, campus club president, campaign team member, or a director from a Conservative Electoral District Association.

  17. What are the important dates for the application process and 2020 CPC Summer Intern Program? Intern applications are due January 24th, 2020 @ 11:59 PM EST. The internship program will begin on Monday, May 4th, 2020 and end on Friday, August 28th, 2020. Orientation will take place on Friday, May 1st, 2020.

  18. Does the political reference need to supply an actual letter? It is helpful to have a letter from your reference, but not required. All references will be called, so a reliable phone number and/or email address should be provided. Your reference should be someone who sufficiently knows you and your work/political experience. They need to be reachable and willing to act as a reference for you.

  19. Am I still eligible to apply even if I do not have a political reference? You are still eligible for the Conservative Internship Program; however, the strongest applications will provide at least one political reference.

  20. After submitting my application, what is the next step? After the initial deadline, all applications are reviewed and short listed candidates will be contacted for a phone interview. Successful applicants will be notified in late winter/early spring.

  21. If I didn’t get accepted this year can I re-apply next year? Yes. Competition is fierce every year for positions in the CPC Summer Intern Program. Applications and résumés can be strengthened. Through party activism and volunteering you can hone political, leadership, and soft skills that will definitely improve your application for the subsequent year.

  22. Am I able to participate in the CPC Intern Program more than once? Yes. You are eligible to complete the intern program twice. However, acceptance in one year does not guarantee placement in a subsequent year.

  23. What personal traits are you looking for in interns? There is no one set of personality traits. We are looking for diversity. Interns who are most successful can be people who are socially skilled with strong communication and interpersonal skills, good business sense, eager to learn, committed to the party, committed to the country, and willing to generously commit their time and energies to the benefit of the party, our leaders, and Conservative family. It should be noted that some interns may be less socially skilled but have exceptional skills in other areas (programming, graphics, management, etc.) which provides them a different yet equally important contribution to the intern program.

  24. Can my participation in the 2020 CPC Summer Intern Program be terminated during the summer? Yes. Our expectation is that all interns speak in positive manner about their employer, the program, and the party. We expect all interns to fully participate, engage, and attend intern training/events. We expect all interns to fully participate in extracurricular and volunteering opportunities to maximize their opportunity to develop and practice their political/campaigning skills. We expect professionalism, ethical behavior, discretion, confidentiality, commitment, and engagement. If our expectations are not met, we reserve the right to terminate the internship with CPC. It is a privilege and not a right to participate in the 2020 CPC Summer Intern Program.

  25. If I am accepted into the program, am I guaranteed employment? CPC/CFC is a clearinghouse for applications. We will forward your résumé to prospective offices who have indicated their willingness to hire a summer intern. Since we attract the best candidates, we have a very successful record of placing applicants. However, CPC/CFC is often not the hiring employer, and therefore we do not guarantee employment.

    Most interns will not be directly employed by CPC/CFC. Some political offices may request specific applicants and where possible these requests will be honoured assuming all basic entrance requirements are met.

  26. Will there be a Mentor Program in the 2020 CPC Summer Intern Program? Yes, we will continue to offer a Mentor Program. Applications will be available once the program starts. The number of mentors is limited and demand normally exceeds supply therefore it is a competitive process. More details will be available to interns once they start the program.

    Mentors come with a variety of political and employment backgrounds. However, please be advised there is no guarantee of a specific mentor or being awarded a Mentor.

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